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Being a victim of any form of victimization is never pleasant. Whether it is the school bully, a sibling, racially, at home, or in the work place, it cannot be ignored.

Any one of these scenarios will have a negative affect on you. The victimiser will use threats, set the fear of God in you in whichever way he/she sees fit, but it cannot be allowed.

Being a victim of being teased, beat up, threatened or cruelly manipulated into doing things you don’t want to do, has to be stopped. You may find this difficult, but you only have one of two choices.

You can either continue to allow someone who has no right whatsoever, to make your life a misery indefinitely, or you can speak to someone who will assist you in taking the right course of action.

Break the Chains

Victimisers are cowards…….
let us help you to end it once and for all. Break free from the chains that bind you to a life of victimisation.
We at Real Life Advice are here to assist, and enable you, by providing you with the tools to move forward...


An Overview of Victimisation in SA...

Crime victimisation in South Africa

There is no doubt that crime victimisation is an unnerving and often tragic fact of life in South Africa.

The 2003 Victims of a Crime Survey conducted by the Institute for Security Studies (which focused on respondents aged 16 and over) indicated that 23 per cent of South Africans were victims of crime between September 2002 and August 2003 (Burton et al 2004).

The authors reported that this represented a reduction of 8 per cent from the previous survey conducted in 1998. READ MORE... above summarises some of the central findings of this survey with regard to the incidence of crime.

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An overview of Crime, Victimisation and Security in South Africa

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